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Painted Green Wire Strainer Wire Tensioner

Painted Green Wire Strainer Wire Tensioner

Product Details


Painted Green wire Strainer Wire Tensioner.

It is made of Carbon steel, Malleable Iron or Stainless steel 304/316.

The wire strainer/tensioner is an excellent hardware designed & used for various applications.

It has the advantages of easy-to-fix, cheap price and high durabilty widely used in the farm fence, grape fence, garden, park and cultivating greenhouse etc.

The wire strainer/tensioner is available in standard sizes as well as customized sizes.

Technical & Application

TypeConform to DIN standard 
MaterialCarbon steel, Malleable Iron, Stainless steel 304 or 316
ProcessingPunching / Stamping / polishing
FinishZinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electric Galvanized, Color Painted
GoodnessRust/Corrosion Resistant.

Gunny bag or carton then pallet or as per the requirements.

TipsAdditional specifications & marks can be made according to the customer's requirements.


Specification- Painted Green Wire Strainer Wire Tensioner


SizeDimensions (mm)Weight each (G)Finish
EG-80301.58368Electric Galv.
HG-80301.58368Hot Dip Galv.
PC-80301.58368Powder Coating
EG-90301.59275Electric Galv.
HG-90301.59275Hot Dip Galv.
PC-90301.59275Powder Coating
EG-HD-903129293Electric Galv.
HG-HD-903129293Hot Dip Galv.
PC-HD-903129293Powder Coating
EG-WD-90301.59285Electric Galv.
HG-WD-90301.59285Hot Dip Galv.
PC-WD-90301.59285Powder Coating
EG-100312103100Electric Galv.
HG-100312103100Hot Dip Galv.
PC-100312103100Powder Coating
EG-HD-100342102120Electric Galv.
HG-HD-100342102120Hot Dip Galv.
PC-HD-100342102120Powder Coating
EG-110312104110Electric Galv.
HG-110312104110Hot Dip Galv.
PC-110312104110Powder Coating
EG-120442122180Electric Galv.
HG-120442122180Hot Dip Galv.
PC-120442122180Powder Coating
EG-FP-85331.58575Electric Galv.
EG-FP-100331.510090Electric Galv.